To:960 Newcastle Cir
Lake Mary, FL 32746
Number and Street:
Lake Mary. Lake Mary Florida 32746
Emergency, Health, Maintenance, Purchasing:
Tracie Black, 863-256-5052 ext 225,, 725 Primera Blvd. Suite 725, Lake Mary , FL 32746 
This page NOT authorized or affiliated with Sentry Mgmt. or Hidden Village Condo. Assoc. Inc.
The Board of Directors are:
Ron Prevost, President
Ron Mason
Rita Broyles,
Content below is from The Village View, the Condominium Newsletter.
General Information by Andrew Lerner, and Nancy Aubel, Crossings. She was a Director of the Board.
A key is required to gain access to the pool area and REST-rooms. A beverage vending machine, sink, and counter are available.
This same key will also provide access to the Racquetball Court at the back of Forest Ridge Court near the pet walk area. If you need a KEY,
The BULLETIN BOARD is for association notices/business and for the marketing of association units. Only 3” X 5” for sale or for rent notices regarding only the units within Hidden Village are permitted. All notices must be dated, placed in the suggestion box outside the maintenance office and then they will be placed in the locked bulletin board for no more than 30 days. You CAN post on THIS page, indefinitely.
The physical posting of this web site address, or facebook pages,  are not permitted within Hidden Village by its management. Please ask one of the Board Directors above
For sale or for rent signs will no longer be permitted to be placed any place else on the property including inside unit windows. You CAN post here in THIS page indefinitely.
Pets are to be on a leash and are to use the pet walk areas. DO NOT allow your pet to eliminate on the lawns around the buildings. Be a courteous neighbor. Pet restrictions are 2 pets/50 lbs or less.
If you see animals on the property without a leash, call Animal Control at  (407) 665-5201.
Facilities and Services by Andrew Lerner, and Nancy Aubel, Former Crossings, Board Director,
The end of each street has a blue dumpster for household refuse. A larger dumpster is located at the end of Pebble Creek Dr. This is to be used for large and unusual items. Please do not place this type of refuse in the smaller dumpsters. All items put in these dumpsters are not recycled. You can bring your recyclables to
1950 State Road 419  Longwood, Florida 32750
The pool and spa area is only open sunrise to sunset. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to use the spa. Children under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult resident 18 years of age or older. If you need a KEY, If you see anyone using these facilities after 11:00PM please call 911 to report trespassing.
Pressure washing of sidewalks and painting of parking spaces is being done on an as needed basis. and submit a work order if you have a need for this service.
If someone is parked illegally please call Athens Towing, 407-321-2948. The vehicle will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.
For repairs on or around your building that are the responsibility of the association, to  initiate a work order. Juan Calderon performs the daily maintenance from his location at 960 Newcastle Circle, by the pool.
Monthly Board Meetings (HVCA: Hidden Village Condo Ass.) by Andrew Lerner, Nancy Aubel, previous Crossings,Board Director
You are welcome to attend and participate in the Association's Board of Directors meetings. The monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM in the pool cabana. This is 960 Newcastle Circle.Please note this correct address.If you have a concern to discuss with the board, please email and request it to be added to the agenda. Below are recent actions taken as a result of your board’s decisions in the past few months:
A green lighted button has been installed in the pool cabana that will unlock the gate from inside.
Video cameras have been installed in the pool area which will record activity in and around the pool. This has been done to improve security for all  residents.
Security personnel will be patrolling our community during at various times  during the day and night for your safety.
A new lamp post has replaced the broken one at the front entrance.
"The post office wants all the boxes in one area. The Association has added a covered mail station in front of the pool area where you will be able to pick up your mail without getting wet' 
Plantings and clean-up have taken place at the front entrance.
The association has retained a new attorney to handle legal matters as necessary.
Aggressive collection of unpaid HOA fees has been instituted.
If you care about your community and your property values, attend the board meetings. Learn the issues facing all of us and participate in the discussion. The board is trying to represent you but they can’t guess what you’re thinking.  It’s a great way to meet your neighbors and to voice your concerns. The board is made up of homeowners just like you who care about our community.  All are welcome.
HOA Fees, Our Budget and the Economy by Ron Prevost, Hidden Village Board President
Near the end of each year, your board of directors prepares a budget for the upcoming year. This budget determines what our monthly HOA fee will be for the upcoming year and a copy is mailed to each unit owner for their information.
Our annual budget is based on the assumption that all 216 unit owners are able to pay their HOA fees faithfully each month. With the downturn in the economy, lost jobs, foreclosures, etc. some families can’t keep up and fall into arrears. When this happens the board has no choice but to file a lien against the property for monies owed to your association for the upkeep and maintenance of your community.
Through our lawyers, we aggressively try to collect these monies through payment plans or by whatever means are available to us. In some cases, a payment plan is worked out. But in other situations this is not possible and the unit goes into foreclosure and we have to wait until the unit is resold before any collection can be made. This can be a long process given the current state of the real estate market.
Take for example a property with $10,000 lien against it. You would assume that once the property is resold Hidden Village would collect all monies owed to us. Unfortunately, that is NOT how the law is written. The law allows us the lesser amount of two options on the outstanding debt. One, we are paid HOA fees going back no more than six months or $295.00 times 6 or $1770.00; or two, one percent of the resale value of the property. So for example, a unit that resells for say $100,000.00 dollars we can only collect one percent of the sale amount or in this example $1000.00 dollars, which is the lesser amount of the two options. Obviously, this is a far cry from the $10,000.00 dollars owed as stated in this example.
Since the downturn in the economy, some four years ago, our unpaid receivables (monies owed us for late HOA fees) have exploded from a low of $40,000 dollars to approximately $225,000 dollars where it stands today. Obviously, this results in an annual shortfall in our annual budget. Remember our annual budget is based on full payment of HOA fees by all 216 owners.
In closing, understand that just because you see a line item in the budget with monies allotted for mulch, new shrubs, flowers etc., it doesn’t mean we should spend our limited resources for those kinds of items. What monies that are coming in must be used for payment of our most critical expenses. Certain items like sprucing up the grounds must be postponed until things improve. It’s unfortunate, its not what any of us would like, but that is just the way it’s right now.
Hidden Village 2012 Budget 11/3/11 by Ron Prevost, President
As we approach the New Year, many of you may be wondering where the monthly HOA fee is heading for 2012. We are facing cost increases in 2012 that so far we’ve been able to absorb by making adjustments in discretionary expenditures within the 2012 budget. Some of these increases were an 11% percent increase in our water bills, along with increases in our electric bills for street lighting and a 5% increase in the premiums we pay to insure the buildings, to name a few.  On the positive side, we’ve contained cost increases for waste disposal by contracting with a different waste disposal company.
Given the continued bad job market and the foreclosure situation within the complex, there are still enough of you keeping up with your fees to allow us to keep up with our most pressing operating expenditures. 
So I’m happy to report that HOA fees for calendar year 2012 will remain at $___ dollars a month.  How much longer we’ll be able to do this without improvements in the economy and/or filling our empty units with paying owners remains a question. But for 2012, the news is good.
Ron Prevost may have another article about parking spaces. I have not received it yet. If it is not sent directly to me, Andrew, I can not access it, and It can not be published here. I look forward to receiving submissions. I am Andrew Lerner. Contact Ron to submit it me for posting here on this page.
BBQ Grill Rules 
Gas and charcoal grills are not permitted to be kept or stored on patios, balconies, inside units or on the Associations property. The Association’s Security Officer required several residents to remove their barbecue grills from the pool area due to the grills proximity, less than 10 ft, to the cabana- restroom building. Grills may be used out side of the fenced in pool area, provided that the grills are removed from the Association’s property immediately after use.  
NFPA 1, Uniform Fire Code (2006 FL ed.), 10.11.7 For other than one- and two- family dwellings, no hibachi, gas-fired grill, charcoal grill, or other similar devices used for cooking, heating, or any other purpose, shall be used or kindled on any balcony or under any overhanging portion or within 10 ft (3m) of any structure. Listed electric ranges, grills, or similar electrical apparatus shall be permitted.
10.19.7 Fueled equipment, including but not limited to motorcycles, mopeds, lawn care equipment, and portable cooking equipment, shall not be stored, operated, or repaired within a building, except that the building or room has been constructed for such use in accordance with the building code.
Crossings Master Association
by Nancy Aubel, Previous Crossings Board Dir.
Hidden Village is a member of The Crossings Master Association. Other members include Canterbury, Colony Cove, Greenwood Lakes, Highlands, Lakeview Village, Lakewood, Pebble Creek, Regency Park, Remington Oaks, Reserve, Silver Lake, Sheffield, Sun Lake, Wyngate, and Wynwood. Board meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00PM at the 780 Creekwater Terrace Clubhouse. Learn more about the association by visiting their website.
Your Security by Nancy Aubel, Previous Crossings Board Director 10/13/11, 11/23/11
The Master Association provides extra security to The Crossings by employing Seminole County Sheriff Officers, in uniform and in their patrol cars to patrol the developments within our master association.  These uniformed officers drive through Hidden Villageas part of their patrol. The extra security provided by your Crossings Master Association allows the residents to ask for more specific attention to be given to any issues that arise. The president of the Crossings Master Association, Mr. Bud Trueblood, regularly attends and is a member of The Neighbor Police Council, and reports any issues which need specific attention from the Sheriff’s Department i.e. drug trade, speeders, habitual traffic offenders, juvenile vandalism, and any other illegal activities. One of the services provided to The Crossings Master Associa-tion is House Watch. Residents who are vacationing or simply have a need for extra attention during a specific time frame, i.e. vacant rental units, can con-tact Stacie Bishop at 407-665-1450 to request a House Watch service. The service is free.
The Crossings Master Association receives monthly reports of the daily patrols and those reports con-cerning Hidden Village are given to your Hidden Vill-age Board. The 2011 budget for the service, $25,430? The Crossings Master Association yearly dues, $159.00? Your safety, priceless.
Energy Savings by Nancy Aubel, Crossings former member.
If you notice that your dryer is not drying your clothing as efficiently as it once did it may not be the fault of your dryer; this happened to me. Turn your dryer on, and let us check the vent on the outside of the building (should be located over or around your outside utility door). If there is no air coming from the vent it may be one of three problems. It may be due to clogged ducts or your duct work is not attached to your dryer or possibly not attached to the outside vent (as in my case). Any one of these issues will increase your electric bill and may create a fire hazard. It only takes a few minutes to check, and will save a lot of headaches down the road.
The Board of Directors include:
Ron Prevost, President
Ron Mason
Rita Broyles,
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Policy, Questions & Answers, NEWS, Polls.
Hidden Village Condo
This  page is intended as a community service, and not for profit or personal promotion. I provide free goods and services to my Hidden Village Lake Mary community with no requests for any monetary contributions. This  page is NOT affiliated with, or authorized by Hidden Village Condominium Association Inc., The Crossings Master Assoc. do welcome any information from you to improve the value of this site.This page previously shown via
see left column emails for board of directors).
 The Crossings Master, is our larger community's website. It had links to the various smaller communities, including ours. Click here for their FaceBook page.
This website is not associated with the suggestion box, and community bulletin board, located outside near the pool office. That is at 960 Newcastle Circle. You are welcome to post the same items here, free, for an indefinite time. The sign is removed.
I can not be responsible for the content on other linked webpages. If you have any complaint of the content of this page, please only contact Andrew only here directly. How did you learn of, and what would you like to see happen here or on this page?
MISSION STATEMENT Lake Mary Florida 32746
Our mission here is to welcome new visitors, and existing members of our community, and acclimate us to our home. This is a bulletin board, suggestion box, forum, club house, meeting place, and what you want to make it. This is where we can all get together in a virtual meeting hall and club house to exchange information. We depend on your information and feedback contributions. If you want to contribute or object to anything on this site, please only contact Andrew here directly. Otherwise we can not know what you want, and can not make immediate changes. The Newsletter "Village View" is also posted here.
People can find out all about us by reading, submitting person's information and or questions. This can motivate and facilitate the selling or leasing of our homes to a new member. Use our website to describe the home you have for sale or rent,Submit any comments or questions you have of anyone who lives here. You can show a picture of a condo or item you have for sale or to give away. You can find a roommate, organize a yard-sale, find a racquetball partner, let people know of your business or expertise, or find a custom solution from another in you exact same unit type. We can get to know each other by posting our pictures and names. We can use polls to help us know what is important to us. Please click a box, circle, or and radio button to participate in our surveys. Click page 1 or pg 3 for Village View. - Andrew Lerner.
Hidden Village .homestead Staff Lake Mary
You, the Residents of Hidden Village. If you have any questions regarding the printed newsletter, or suggestions for future articles, please contact Andrew here. Comments and questions regarding this web-site, should be emailed to My Email. Click page 1 or pg 3 for Village View. Please tell me how you find this web page and Hidden Village .homestead. I am  Andrew Lerner, Web Master.
As of the end of 2011, my wife Margaret Lerner has resigned her position as Editor of Village View, and has completed her one year of service to you as Director. She will not accept or forward any communication regarding me, this site, or the news-letter. I have no access to anything sent to her. Andrew Lerner
The physical posting of  this web site is not permitted within Hidden Village. Please contact one of the Board Directors, 
Please tell people verbally and electronically about this page.
I am eager to immediately change anything you find objectionable on this web page. I can only know this only if you contact me directly. There is no need to slenderize me. I will not know if something is wrong unless I am told. If you have any contribution, I can not receive it unless you send it directly to Andrew, or via this web page. Andrew is the only one who can access this page. This entire web-page need not be deleted just because one aspect is objectionable. All that needs to be done is for you to tell me. I can not be responsible for the content on other linked webpages. I do not own or operate any business. Feedback is my only earnings, and am eager for it. Nobody accepts any money for advertising on or for  this page. All submissions and postings are considered news items. Only news items submitted by Hidden Village (HV) residents are accepted for posting here or on Hidden Village View. The HV Condo. Association (HVCA) does not endorse any person, service, organization or product represented on this page. They do not necessarily represent the views of HVCA or the staff of this page. Anything posted will only be removed if and when I receive such request directly by the poster. Any submission is subject to editorial review before it can be posted. Andrew Lerner
Hidden Village Condo Lake Mary Florida 32746
Question: Chris Dimillo: Is the construction dumpster in the back of the community permanent or temporary? If temporary when will it be removed?
Answer: In general, this is explained on the left, and in The Village View News-letter, under "Facilities and Services". said: "The dumpster is not under a contract; therefore, it is not permanent but is month to month. The last time it was removed was when unauthorized use by outside contractors or non-resident persons were using it more than the association was using it." The construction of a dumpster enclosure is in development.
Question:  From: Heather     Name: Heather
Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2012 3:05 PM
Subject: Rental Listing Inquiry
Message: I am currently considering listing my property for rent. I would like to know if there is any kind of approval that I need to seek from Sentry Management. Would you be able to guide me in this?  Thank you!  Heather
Answer: Dear Heather: Thank you for visiting HiddenVillage, and contacting me. I am very happy and eager to assist you. I am glad you would like to place a free posting on our website.
Thank you for bringing to my attention, that the street address of Sentry Management's nearest location, is not on the web-page. I have now addressed that issue. We, the owners of HVCA, pay Sentry Management to collect HOA fees, and to help manage and maintain our common property. Their address is 2180 W SR 434 Suite 5000,  Longwood, FL 32779. Their phone is 407-788-6700  Fax: 407-788-7488. Paula Butler is our representative. (407) 788-6700 ext: 51212 or email
Do you live here in Hidden Village Condo? Do you have a condo in Hidden Village Lake Mary that you would like to rent? For me to post anything for you, you must send me information for me to post for you. I was unable to find any information on your contact form or email in order to do so immediately. There is information on this web-site, for Sentry Management, and how to contact them. I have provided that for you here, as well. You do not need my permission to call them. This page and I have no conection with Sentry Mgmt. You have already contacted me. I am eager to post information on the site. If you give me something to post, I can post it for you. If there is any further issue, I will contact you. I therefore, again look forward to your email. Thank You!  Andrew Lerner
Question: From: Andreas Kunert <>
To: mail@HiddenVillage.
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 10:00 AM
Subject: 950 Bird Bay Ct # 200
Hello Good Morning,  The above property was sold 2 months ago. Do you know what mailbox number is assigned to this unit and how to obtain the key ?
Regards, Andy Kunert Premier Properties, LLC Realtors 110 N. Orlando Ave # 9 Maitland,FL 32751 Mobile : 407-467-1830 Office : 407-740-7778  Fax : 321-214-2252
Answer: You will need to contact the post office, or see mail carrier, to determine mail box for 950-200 Bird Bay Ct. The owner will need to have a locksmith replace key and/or lock.
Community Association Manager
Sentry Management Inc
2180 West SR 434 Suite 5000
Longwood FL  32779
407-788-6700 ext  407-788-7488 (fax)
Question: From: ""
Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2012 12:20 AM
Hello sir,  I am looking to possibly buy a condo in Hidden Village and came across the community website. Can you tell me what the $295/month fee covers. Also If the fee is different between 2 bedroom condos and 3 bedrooms condos?  Thank you
Answer: Hello Madam or Sir,  Thank you for emailing. I am delighted to have the opportunity to respond to and help you! I will post this question on the site. Also posted: "We, the owners of the HVCA, pay Sentry Management. to collect HOA fees, to help manage and maintain our common property. They are a Homeowner Services and Community Association Management company. The nearby Orlando office of SENTRY MANAGEMENT, that services us, is at 2180 W SR 434 Suite 5000,  Longwood, FL 32779. Their phone is 407-788-6700  Fax: 407-788-7488. Paula Butler is our representative. His phone number is (407) 788-6700 ext: 298. Her email is" Please let us know what you find out. Share the information with all of us.
As far as what I know, The current $295 monthly fee also covers water, landscaping, refuse collection, insurance, and the improvements to this community as outlined on the website. The roads, roofs, siding, windows, painting, and everything outside your condo is maintained and recently replaced by the HOA fees. Please also see articles posted by Ron Prevost, Hidden Village Board President, for further insight.   Andrew Lerner
Question: From Loletia Haws  2/7/2012
Message:Hello, I will be moving there in about a week. So far I have been going to my unit to do some cleaning. I notice that my neighbor across from me leave the garbage outside the door sometime two or more days. Honestly, i do not not want to see trash as soon as I walk out the door. Can there be something posted or something stating no trash outside your door for days. Thank you soon to be tenant
Answer: Found on this page: Rules, Regulations Paula Butler is our representative. Her phone number is (407) 788-6700 ext: 51212. Her email is" Please let me know what you find out. Share the information with all of us.
Question: "Hi Andrew, Thanks for maintaining (the website) Just curious if an archive of meeting minutes available?  I’d also be interested to read the article from Ron Prevost on parking spaces. Thanks, Wyn Bryant" - 2/15/12
Answer: Email Found on this page: "The last meeting minutes and or next agenda will be shown when received by me from Paula Butler, our representative. Her phone number is (407) 788-6700 ext: 51212. Her email is" Please let me know what you find out. Share the information with all of us.
Question: 9/2/2013 "There is a dog that is not authorized to stay in the apartment at 958 Newcastle Circle Apt. 100. The dog is a long-haired dachshund, and the owner has explicitly stated that the dog is not on the lease agreement nor is it up-to-date on all required shots. The dog barks throughout the entire day, and is frequently walked outside of the assigned dog-walking areas and let out without a leash.
There is also a woman (mid 40's) and her baby that have been living in that apartment for nearly a year. The mother routinely chain-smokes in the stairwell, and is not on the lease agreement. She receives mail at this address, and has moved in permanently.
Answer: Paula Butler: "The association has no control over smoking, occupancy of a unit or shot records for a dog. I will address the dog roaming freely and the pet walking area."
Question: From   Chris Brooks 9/21/2013
Email address:       <>
Subject:                Purchasing Condo
Message: "Hi Andrew, my wife and I are looking at purchasing a unit in Hidden Village and really appreciate the info found on your site. I left a message for the Sentry Mgmt rep but he did not return my call. Can you give me any type of insight on the health of your HOA, if they are keeping up with the facility, maintenance/updates, etc and if the property is safe with pretty good residents/tenants? Any info would be appreciated. We currently live here in the Lake Mary area. Thanks, Chris
Answer: Thank you for your letter. I am honored to have caught your attention to one of my web pages about Hidden Village, Lake Mary. I am an owner of a two-bedroom, two full bathroom unit. You asked " if they are keeping up with the facility, maintenance/updates, etc and if the property is safe with pretty good residents/tenants?". That question is tailored to a resounding reply of yes! Since my purchase in May 2005, the maintenance of this community has been constant, consistent, extensive, and competent. The BOD do a good job making sure every issue is remedied immediately. All of the roadways here have been fully resurfaced and painted for the second time since I have been here. All of the dumpster enclosures were just replaced with brand new attractive weather resistant ones. The windows, roofs, siding, Pool area, and painting of buildings have all been replaced or re-done. Much of this has been documented on this web page. All of my neighbors here are wonderful concerned and helpful people. It is extremely safe.
Found on this page: Please contact one of the Board Directors, or Paula Butler at (407) 788-6700 ext: 51212.
E-mail Paula Butler
Sentry Management 2180 W SR 434 Suite 5000  Longwood, FL 32779
Rita Broyles, Past Board Director,,
Ron Prevost, Hidden Village Board President
Ron Mason
The monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00PM in the pool cabana. This is 960 Newcastle Circle.
Here are two facebook pages related to Hidden Village and Lake Mary:
Question: Email address:
Subject: pet policy & hoas 11/23/2014
Message: I am considering buying a condo in Hidden Village Lake Mary. Could you please tell me your hoa fees and what it covers & also what is the pet policy? I have 2 dogs one 70lbs & one 25lbs. They are older and are our kids. We are very responsible pet owners :) Thanks, Tanya
Answer: The fees in there cover the normal common area expenses, water and sewer.   The fees should be listed in the Real Estate listing for the unit you would be purchasing.  The pet restrictions in there are 2 pets/50 lbs or less.
Please click here to let us know of news to post here.
Lake Mary: Money Magazines #4 City. List of nearby retailers below.
Florida Hospital will build a new medical center at Rinehart Place, at the intersection of I-4 and 46A H.E.Thomas Pkwy! A CVS, ABC Liquors, and Centennial bank are along Rinehart Road, across from Publix.
At Lake Mary Centre, Lake Emma Road, are Jimmy Hula's, Shaan Indian, European Wax Center, Barber, and Kumon Math & Reading (Mathnasium is at Sun Drive) and Ravalia's at the other end. Tell them that you saw them in Lake Mary Facebook. Ross Dress for Less and The Fresh Market replace what was Albertson's, as reported here, early in June 2013. The fate of the former Albertson's Liquor store space is not yet reported. A new Academy Sports + Outdoors building has replaced 2/3 of what was the former K-Mart. Hobby Lobby will take over the rest of what was Kmart, and other stores.
Lake Mary Village is at 3801 W Lake Mary Blvd, on the Southeast corner of Greenwood Blvd. The center is anchored by TJ Maxx / Home Goods. Marble Slab Creamery, Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., Jason's Deli, Orange Theory Fitness, and Greenwood Pharmacy have joined Mikado Sushi Lake Mary, Papa Murphy's, Wing Zone, Domino's,China King,Subway, Edible Arrangements, Dickens Coffee and Tea Room, Antiques, Liberty Tax, and BurgerFi. Across the street is Smoothie King, at Trail-head Park.
Bagel King is at the Oaks, next to Menchie's, another Kosher store, and near Ipho Noodle House, where Danny's Broasted Chicken used to be. The planet anchors there are Earth Origins and Planet Fitness. In the rapidly developing Downtown, near Central Park,is Crazy Greek Kitchen, and Lawless Subs.
Now open: Florida Hospital Children Emergency center, Small Cakes, China King, Noodles, Verizon, StarBucks Drive through, Jessie's Girl Boutique, Liberty Tax, Fred's Market, Barber, Antiques, Up In Smoke, Greenwood Pharmacy, Martial Arts World, Brooklyn Water Bagels, Cricket wireless, Jason's Deli, Orange Theory Fitness, Ipho Noodle House, Tilted Kilt,Shaan Indian, Marble Slab Creamery, Keller Williams, Smoothie King, Earth Origins, Liberty Mutual, LM Jewelry, WLM Blvd. tunnel, Weight Watchers, Edge Dance,3 re-sales, Which Wich?, Phenix Salon Suites, BurgerFi, Jimmy Johns, Good Will, Ross Dress For Less, The Fresh Market, Bagel King, Jimmy Hula's Hawaiian, Raviola's Pasta Bar & Italian Rotisserie, Kuman Learning, Decor Source, Crazy Greek Kitchen, and Lawless Subs. Public housing is at Sun Drive. Pizza 1905, Noah's Even Venue. Soon: Kekes and Mexican.
Replacements: Dollar Tree, Mexican replaces Aroma Indian, Lake Mary Centre is the shopping center at 3697 Lake Emma Road Lake Mary, FL 32746. Ross Dress for Less and The Fresh Market  are at 3765 Lake Emma Road. Albertsons was there, and K-Mart was at 3639. Academy Sports and outdoors replaces 2/3 of the K-Mart box. Equity One Inc. manages the property. Leasing Agent: Jane Herman 407.333.1940 Property Manager: Kevin Sobel BankUnited replaced Krystal at 4406 W.L.M. Blvd. Checkers was demolished at 4345 for Chase Bank. I-Hop has replaced Hops, a hop from LM, by I-4 & SR46. Jeremiah's Italian Ice replaced Bruster's, BurgerFi and Brooklyn Bagels has replaced Blockbuster. - Lake Mary Florida 32746
Closed: Taste of China, Aroma Indian Restaurants, Cupcake Crazy, ink spot, Chinese Buffet, Carpet/Tile, Stone Giant, Woody's BBQ,Chevron Car Wash, That Deli, Pest Control, Ramano's Maccaroni Grill, Uno, Darbar Indian, Piada & Piada, Cafe Venice, Jenny Craig, 2 Cleaners, Gold Max, Play N Trade, Beach Scene, Vida Latin, Metro Burger, Krystal, Checkers, Line-Drive Burger, Howie's, Quiznos, Fridays, Bruster's, Barney's, Tony's, Marios, Atlanta Bread, Cork-Screw, PR Mex, and Brooklyn Bob's.
2-Liter Bottles Soda 50c: Cola today no longer contains Pepsin, Cocaine, or even kola nut extract. It is caramel colored carbonated water flavored with HF corn syrup, cinnamon, and spices. Caffeine, originally from the Kola nut, and phosphoric acid is added. Consumption can lead to cancer and obesity. The original ingredients were sold as a syrup at a pharmacy. Pepsin was for digestion, Kola was for coughing, cocaine was for pep, and sugar was for flavor. We today are still buying the value associ-ated with, and perpetuated by advertising and marketing.Think of the the profit made by coloring and sweetening tap water!  2-liter bottles of Publix cola are fifty cents each on sale!
Web Polls: These web polls are for  entertainment and not serious. They were created as a fun way to get your interest and partici-pation in our home and page. It is feed-back for me to know you, and what direc-tion to take this page in. "We can use polls to help us know what is important to us." I have learned indirectly, that the Board was threatened by a poll, and it has been removed.  Please click a box, or circle button to participate in our surveys. If you have any complaint of the content please only contact Andrew, only here directly. Please click here to visit my page. Lake Mary Florida 32746
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Hidden Village Condo
Anything put in any dumpster in the Hidden Village Condominium, Lake Mary, will not be recycled. Recycling programs do not exist in Hidden Village, Lake Mary. This can only be performed by you, the individual. Do not leave any bags of containers in front of your building or by the curb. This is against the rules. If you want your containers, newspapers, phone books, or cardboard recycled, Just email Andrew by clicking here. Click here for more information
I drive my own containers, papers, and cardboard over to the recycling center each month. The drop-off site is at 1950 State Road 419  Longwood, Florida 32750 sw customer service @seminole county fl .gov Phone: (407) 665-2260. The following can be dropped off there:  Newspaper - Magazines and Catalogs- Plastic Bottles #1 through #7- Glass - Green, Clear, Brown- Steel Cans including empty   steel aerosol cans-  Aluminum Cans Click here for more information http://www .seminole county fl .gov /envsrvs /solidwaste /dropoff .aspx
I put these containers in a clear 33 gal. clear plastic bag. These easy tie trash bags are available at Office Depot and Staples. These can include all plastic containers with the numbers 1 through 7. They do not include polystyrene or styrofoam, such as egg cartons, meat trays, and take out food containers. They can be brought to Publix for recycling. Cardboard juice and milk containers are not accepted. All containers, bottles, and cans are rinsed clean, and twist-tied in the bag. I also bring Newspapers, inserts, magazines, phone books, catalogs, and corrugated cardboard. These are neatly put into a cardboard box, and brought over. I am not responsible for taking care of your refuse. Andrew Lerner
Hidden Village Condo
"Andrew, Thank you for proudly honoring the memory of 9/11 in Hidden Village. Keep up the good work on the website and newsletter. It's a well put together source of information and a great addition to Hidden Village. - Jim Gorak"
"Hi Andrew, Thanks for maintaining hiddenvillage. Just curious if an archive of meeting minutes available?  I’d also be interested to read the article from Ron Prevost on parking spaces. Thanks, Wyn Bryant" - 2/15/12
"Reece Bradley; Friday, 9/23/11,12:39 PM: This is a very nice place to live. The property is kept up very well and Juan is a very competent and friendly person  963 Helmsley Ct #103
Thank you so much for placing our ad but we have now rented and would like the ad to come off.  Our ad is the one that says 2bd/2b wont last long at my email address. Thanks so much for your help. Sincerely, Elizabeth
Hi Andrew, I wanted to let you know that my wife and I were in Lake Mary over Thanksgiving and found a home to rent. We will no longer need to post a want ad on hiddenvillage. Thank you so much for your help! Jacob Hoyer.
Thank You to our contributors
Hidden Village Condo
Wyn Bryant, Reece Bradley, Jim Gorak, Gar, Heather, and Chris Dimillo. Summerpark Homes Realty, LLC, 1355 S. International Pkwy. Suite 2461, Lake Mary , FL 32746. Ph: 407-936-1150 ext. 4 Cell: 407-402-2749 Fax: 407-936-1155
Hidden Village Condo
WANT TO LIVE HERE? Please look below, and scroll for Apt's. to rent, share, or buy. Also, post your want ad here! Also go to our Facebook page.
HAVE RENTAL OR SALE? If you're an owner of a Hidden Village Condo, and would like to lease or sell your unit, Please contact us, only here, with the text and pictures to display here. Your posting can appear on this page, only if you send me an email of the text you want me to post here. Visit our Facebook page
NEED A ROOMMATE?   YARD SALE? Send us your information, interest or suggestions of when, where, and how, for free listings!
RAQUETBALL?   Have the court key, and need a buddy to play? Display your name and email here.
DONATIONS?  You can display what you would like to give away or sell right here.
Show and tell what you have, here, for free. Cabinets, doors, fixtures, or hardware that came with or designed for our apartments here, could be needed by your neighbor.
NEED HELP?  with a small job from your Neighbor? Please allow me to get you together.
NEED BUSINESS? If you are a resident of Hidden Village Condos Lake Mary, you may submit your business card for display here. I can design one for you for free!
Hidden Village Condo www.HiddenVillage
We are delighted to help you with your condo for sale, rent, sharing. We are ready to advertise it for you for free, and immediately. Please tell me exactly everything you would like in the display. Please include your address, or at least your street name. Do you want your email address, telephone, or both displayed? Would you rather it just be handled by us and we notify you? What updates, appliances, utilities, amenities and furnishings? What is the price, or terms of the lease or agree-ment? Do you have a picture or name you would like to use? How many bedrooms and bathrooms?
Listings change throughout each day. Please refresh often. If you click on either the picture or text portion of the condo ads, you will often be taken to another page or email address to help you.  If you click on some of the addresses listed, it will give you more information. We are very glad that you found this resource!  I hope you find what you are looking for, and look forward to reading from you soon.
**If you have any complaint of the content of this page, please only contact me only here directly. Slander or sign removal is not necessary. There is no need to close down this web-page to insure your right to post on the old original bulletin board.
Hidden Village Condo
These are now posted at "ReUse" on Face book
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Hidden Village Condo
The physical posting of this web site address, or facebook pages, are not permitted within Hidden Village, by its management: Paula Butler. (407) 788-6700 ext: 51212. (see left column emails) Therefore, please tell people about this site to give us freedom of communication.
For More News, click here:
946 Bird Bay Ct. 204
966 Helmsley, Lake Mary, FL 32746
946 BIRD BAY CT 204Beds: 2 Bath: 2
SQ FT: 1055  $60,000.
                 HiddenVillage.Homestead.comLake Mary Florida 32746
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This page was last updated: August 27, 2016
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Hidden Village Condos

960 Newcastle Circle, Lake Mary, FL 32746

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