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Original Aspie logo and phrase design. Alternative reasoning will help you find A. Lerner.  (alternative upper and lower case letters. It defines ASpie and my name.  Aspie is an individual with Asperger's Syndrome.  Obsessed with words is a trait. An Andrew Lerner ASpie Graphic DesignAspies don't naturaly make eye contact. It causes anxiety, and makes it hard for to listen to what you're saying. They also can not disearn any information from looking at your eyes. Their eyes won't give the same information typically expected. Aspies may be on the autistic spectrum, which is represented as a puzzle piece. Aspies analyze pieces of information for the big picture. A. S. can be thought of as one of the pieces. This graphic illustrates all this. "as" is on a "piece", completing "Aspie", a piece of "pieces", and the sentence.Acronyms in my design were created from odd words to give them meaning.
This creates greater awareness and communication. ASPIE = A Special Person Intellectualizes Everything. Therefore there is the emotionless face. "Aspie" sounds like "as pi". An Aspie doesn't make contact or communicate with eyes or facial expressions. Logical and detail thinkers, they may be fascinated with Pi and this circle.
 http://www.cafepress.com/dd/66455620http://www.cafepress.com/dd/66455620Aspie logo icon. Aspies may not make eye contact, and you may misunderstand them by looking at theirs. Their facial expression may not reflect what you expect. We try to put pieces of different information together to reason out a puzzle. The colors represent spectum pieces.http://www.cafepress.com/FLovesAsPiOriginal slogan, logo, idea, and phrase by Andrew Lerner.
AS PIEces in a PIE, come together. An ASpie has Asperger syndrome, part of autisim. AS PIEces in a PIE, let us all come together.  Aspie pie. Purchase at http://www.cafepress.com/ASpieceAsperger Syndrome is intellectualizing everything. AS PIEces of PIE put together, ASpies do it logically. An Aspie does not make eye contact, or receive messages visuallyAspies” sounds like “as peace”. Give Aspies a chance! An Aspie doesn’t make contact or communicate with eyes or facial expressions. Peace requires acceptance & tolerance. http://www.cafepress.com/ASPeacefaceAS PIEces in a PIE chart, an Aspie learns to make it come together in Peace via Alternative reasoning. Show how, AS PIEces of a PIE, we NTs and ASpies can come together in PEACEMy Pieces: An alternate version of the USDA's Choose MyPlate food diagram at MyPlate.gov Which one do you choose to be at peace with? Do you want a piece of the pie? Do you think it is a mickey mouse idea? Choose My Pieces.My original design demonstrates that on 2/21/1958, both the graphic design symbol for N. D. was created, and I was born. Used what is now referred to as the peace symbol. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignMy design brings attention to the year 1958 and the Joneser Generation. 
It demonstrates that on 2/21/1958, both the graphic design symbol for N. D. and I were established. Now it  used as the peace symbol. Listed are other important people and events that started in 1958. Andrew Lerner.An original design by Andrew Lerner. Logo design for Florida Designed by Andrew Lerner to represent Florida, U.S.A. while superimposing and integrating the word love with the word Florida. Purchase w/o my names here http://www.cafepress.com/Love_Floridahttp://www.cafepress.com/FLovesAsPiLove is all you need to get married! Two golden wedding band rings, both with both sexes symbolize any combination can be united in matrimony! A rainbow of  LBGT colors circle hearts of all couples. The law of nature should be of people. Front and back of Business card for Avon Rep.
Reverse of Business Card
Marketing and Promotion.
To expand customer base, and increase sales of existing. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignBusiness Card design
Explains services performed. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignThat Deli rack card menu.CD Jewel case cover front. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignCD Jewel case cover back. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignCalendar front cover with music group symbols and names. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignCalendar back cover with music group logos. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignOriginal design for a postage stamp using a music group logo, and symbolic of their record company label. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignOriginal acronym and design for both MAIL and my full name. MAIL = Messages And Information Letters or Andrew I. Lerner.Original acronym and design for a rest room. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignMontage of Lake Mary pictures. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignI modified the Barack Obama campaign symbol to celebrate his inauguration date, and the end of the previous administration. Use of a Homonym. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignMy draft design for a turtle conservation organization. I used the shape of a stop sign to bring attention to stopping their extinction. I also incorporated that into a turtle representation. An Andrew Lerner Graphic DesignOriginal concept by Andrew Lerner by using the logos from "A Clockwork Orange". Pumpkins are orange and symbolize Halloween and the movie. The clock represents DST and the movie. The movie is also appropriate for the holiday in many ways. My proposed logo after the merger with at&t Mobility. AT&T T-mobile, ATT T-Mobile, T-mobile AT&T, T-mobile ATTThe burnt pizza represents Herman Cain, his 999 plan, and sexual misconduct. The Texas toast represents Rick Perry and his memory lapse. Both of these errors have resulted in ending their chances of winning the Republican nomination. represented as toast. Cain sold pizza. Perry governed Texas. This Mnemonic helps people learn the new order of planets, how many, and the reason why. "Eight Major" qualifies PLuTO as a PLaneTOID. I designed this mnemonic, explanation, and this graphic.Autistic people may seem self-centered, self-absorbed, or seem like the world revolves around them. The are self-focused. The world may be to big or overwhelming. It may be hard for them to see the big picture, or have a distorted view of the world. They may also be interested in science.My idea, design, and phrase to better remember ASperger Syndrome. Andrew Lerner can be found with Alternative Reasoning. Asperger Syndrome People with Asperger's Syndrome may only see the cleverness of this picture. This might only be after they struggle to see the big picture: A woman, whose "Ass" has a "Burger" in it. It was the idea of Andrew Lerner to use the picture in this way, and to use his slogan of ALtERNative Reasoning.Aspies have a hard time fitting in. Charlie Brown was an Aspie, and called a block head. Aspie's do'nt look at eyes, and you may misunderstand their eyes. They do things logically. Interpersonal skill are not AS easy as PI is for them. There behavior can appear "square", and think outside the box.If you have a hard time figuring out what this means, then you have an idea of how an Aspie feels most of the time. Give piece a chance. Give Aspies a chance to fit in. They have a hard time, and Inot easy as PI. Everything is a puzzle. Aspie's don't look at eyes, and you may misunderstand theirs
My Designs:  Please place your cursor, over a picture, below, for descriptions. Click for a full size view, & scroll. Magnets or decals = 6/$12. Please Email me your choices, address, & . .
Andrew Lerner Blog Spot
Other graphics with Aspie phrases include: "Aspies need to know every aspect" and  "Aspies see you as an alien species." I can put any of the above onto a T-shirt, labels, cards, flyers, etc. I can incorporate your name or business into them, or design original cards, stationary, or websites for you. Magnets & decals are 6 / $12 each. Please Email me your choices, quantities, address, and donate  above right. These above designs are also available on various shirts, buttons, bags, mugs, stickers, magnets, and other merchandise. Please  click on them below, for the corresponding designs for purchase. A separate window opens.
cafepress.com/Andrew-Lerner         FLorida Loves          ASPIEce        Planets      Mind       Love is Marriage  
       A Species              AS PIE        MD is Marry Land     Aspie Logo
Planet Mnemonics
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ASpie PIEces: ASpiece is a means to promote autistic awareness, specifically "ASpies", who have ASperger Syndrome. These ASpie pieces of merchandise and gifts, will display symbols and logos similar to this one, cafepress.com/ASpiece

My original phrase of ALtERNativE Reasoning helps define who I am, and how ASpies function. An Aspie joins pieces of different information together to reason out a puzzle PIE. They also strive to get along with others who operate differently. Understanding and tolerating each-others differences, are AS PIEces of a PIE, coming together in PEACE. Notice that that the name ASpie is incorporated into the phrase "AS PIEces". Both the pie-shaped PEACE sign, and myself were established on 2/21/1958. Piece and peace are Homophones. Many ASpies love playing with letters and words, which is hyperlexic.They are best suited as as a Graphic Designer. Colors represent different ASPIE PIEces of a PIE chart, that come together for a solution, make peace and it's symbol.

The colors represent pieces, and how they are different, but still fit in together to solve the pie chart. These ASPIE PIE PIEces, because of their differences, create a peace sign.  AS PIEces of a PIE, all of these PIEces of information fit in together. This is just like pieces of a pie fitting in to create a peace sign. These represent how Aspies make valuable valuable contributions to society if we all come together. We can all fit in to make a pie in peace, and each share a piece of it.
My logo was redesigned 5/9/11. My name of A. Lerner is incorporated into the phrase "Alternative Reasoning". This also defines how an Aspie mind functions, and represented by the alternative upper and lower case letters. Both the peace sign and Andrew Lerner were established on 2/21/58. Aspies are emotionaly and socialy challenged. This is represented by a horizontal line (emotionless expression), and two dots for eyes (not used for communication. It represents an ASpie face. My name has been put together to show how I try to fit in and learn in this society of NTs. By fitting in the "A", that represents me (Andrew), into the bigger family of society (Lerner), I become a learner. This also incorporates my first initial and last name into the phrase "A Learner". By fitting in, I create "learner" from "Lerner." I end up standing out. The mouth and bottom ^ shapes an A. The "nd" in the middle of ^ stands for nuclear disarmament, the original purpose of the peace symbol by Gerald Holton. As of 6/30/30, the ND peace symbol has been replaced with my initials of A and L.

Here is a 4/21/12 list of my shop web site pages:

LGBTogether      http://www.cafepress.com/lgbtogether     (All you need is Love is...)
Syosset_walnut  http://www.cafepress.com/Syosset_walnut (Syosset)
FLovesAsPi        http://www.cafepress.com/FlovesAsPi     (AS + PI  F Loves)
MyPieces      http://www.cafepress.com/MyPieces (Peace of Food)
MarryLand          http://www.cafepress.com/Marryland       (MD is Marry Land)
Aspienyms    http://www.cafepress.com/Aspienyms      (Acronyms)
8planets       http://www.cafepress.com/8planets   (Planets Mnemonic)
AND_rew      http://www.cafepress.com/AND_rew  (& rew & rea)
AS_PIE        http://www.cafepress.com/AS_PIE     (ASperger Syndrome)
Love_Florida      http://www.cafepress.com/Love_Florida   (Love in Florida)
ASpiece       http://www.cafepress.com/ASpiece   (AS PIEces of PIE)
MInding               http://www.cafepress.com/minding           (Closed tells, Open asks)
ASPIface             http://www.cafepress.com/ASPIface         (AS PI face)
ASPeaceface      http://www.cafepress.com/ASPeaceface  (AS Peace face)
AsPieChart         http://www.cafepress.com/ASPIEchart      (As Pie Chart)
EASpie               http://www.cafepress.com/EASpie             (Easy As Pi)

Andrew Lerner Blog Spot
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